Empower your Sales, Service, and Support teams to drive customer journey

Our Experience Add-in seamlessly integrates with your CRM software and enables your marketing, sales, service and support teams to get real-time insights, manage the Sitecore contact experience profile, thereby increasing efficiency and maturing the overall customer experience.

Why Integrate?

Marketers prioritize personalization but lack customer insights to power it.

say they need the ability to view
customers on an individual level

Sales teams require a complete picture of your customers' interactions to increase conversions

79 %

of marketers say personalization is a high priority
or the number-one priority for their organization*

*Research commissioned in 2017 by Sitecore and conducted by Vanson Bourne, incorporating interviews with 680 marketing and IT decision makers and 6,800 customers across 14 countries.

Experience Foundation

Experience Foundation ensures your data is available when and where you need it. Map Sitecore Forms and Contacts with CRM entities in just a few clicks

Experience Add-in

Our Experience Add-in empowers your Sales team to drive experience optimization.
Sales and Marketing teams can get aligned with shared strategy and marketing definitions.

What do you get?

  • Get online behavior insights, trigger goals and outcomes within CRM
  • Reach online customers with better offline insights
  • Get additional personalization opportunities based on omnichannel data
  • Manage Sitecore contact subscriptions and Automation Plan enrollments
  • Adjust Sitecore contact behavior profile from CRM to drive personalization
  • Our User-friendly mapping wizard enables marketing teams to connect forms data to CRM objects within minutes.
  • Configure bidirectional Contact Mapping by specifying what contact data you would like to synchronize with your CRM. 
  • Get Forms and Contact data updates real time

Experience Add-in

Dynamics 365 - Contact overview

Dynamics 365 - Contact activities overview

Dynamics 365 - Contact profile overview

Dynamics 365 - Subscriptions overview

Dynamics 365 - Marketing Automation dashboard

Dynamics 365 - Editing Contact profile

Salesforce - Contact overview

Salesforce - Contact activities overview

Outlook - Contact overview

Outlook - Contact picker

Experience Foundation

Experience Foundation Dashboard

Module installation

Module cofiguration

Mappings overview

Add new mapping

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Brimit delivers best practice Sitecore implementations focused on your business goals that best utilize Sitecore products suite including Cross channel delivery, Sitecore Commerce and large scale Content Management.

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Our team works with Digital and Creative Agencies, Sitecore Customers and Partners to design, implement, customize and support Sitecore solutions. We have various collaboration options, including Fixed Price projects, Time&Material and dedicated teams.

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